Item Bought Off Gumtree Never Arrived -- Can I Get a Refund?

Posted 9th Jun 2015

I recently bought a few academic books from a seller off Gumtree. I was originally supposed to pick them up in person and pay at the same time. Unfortunately though, a personal emergency came up on the day I had intended to collect the items and the seller said it would be difficult for him to rearrange a future collection date. He did, however, offer to send the items through the post for a nominal charge.

Anyway, cutting the story short, I paid through a bank transfer, the items never returned and the seller is not returning my e-mails (beyond one saying he sent the items out already). Admittedly, it wasn't exactly an expensive purchase but the fact that these books have yet to appear has caused a whole new rigmorale in terms of my studies. Do I have any recourse available to me for a refund?

Any advice would be appreciated!

Thanks, Matt.
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