item not arrived

Found 28th Feb 2011
Hi all

never had this yet thankfully but have purchased an item a couple of weeks back sent payment same day and since sending the message confirming payment sent havent heard anything since the 18th feb

as far as i can tell user hasnt logged on since then so maybe a genuine explanation, i sent a pm three days ago to no reply

whats my next step dont want to jump to conclusions?

thanks for all help
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Do you have their contact details as per the forum rules? if you do then it shouldnt be a problem as you will have their phone number
jbarnsie, could you use the report link on the relevant trade thread to let us know which trade thread and member the query refers to and we can then update the thread and MOD PM the other party. At the same time could you follow up directly with them via the external contact details you exchanged when the sale was agreed, thanks again.
okthanks sigma will do

havent got a phone number unfourtantley
can you confirm i have reported correctly sigma

have i done everything i need to do sigma?

thanks sorry for troubling you

havent heard anything as of yet am i just going to have put this down to lesson learnt?

Which thread?
Hi jbarnsie, I'll follow up again for you now with the FS/T Mod when they are next online. The Admin Team were asked to email the other party end of Feb, but if they still haven't got on touch with you there's unfortunately a limit on what we can do apart from restrict their trading on the forums but if you do want to update or check on current status if you could use your report link in the relevant trade thread to get in touch with us, but we do advise following it up again with them directly as well directly thanks
ok ill send another pm fwiw tommorow
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How did you pay for the item. If you paid Paypal, then try sending him an e-mail to that address, his messages from here might be going into the spam section of his e-mail, and if he hasn't logged on, then he doesn't see them.
bank transfer unfourtantley

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