Item not received from Ebay and the seller has provided what seems to be fake tracking info saying it was delivered

Posted 25th Nov 2022
Hi all, I would really appreciate any thoughts or advice on this

Short version of what happened:

I bought an item from what seemed to be a reputable seller with 99.9% feedback. I never received it so contacted the seller. He sent me an "Aquiline" tracking number which shows it was delivered. I've never heard of Aquiline before and I'm pretty sure it's some kind of scam.

Much longer and more detailed version:

Some of you will remember last weeks Amazon glitches posted on HUKD when they had lots of different hard drives and SSD's at crazy-low prices. Well I missed it so I headed off to Ebay, which was flooded with them, looking for a bargain. I saw a 2tb SSD for £35 which was only £10 more than the glitch price (normal price is £100+) so seemed a bit too good to be true but the seller had great feedback and lots of sales in the last month so I went for it thinking I had nothing to lose.

I done a google search for "Aquiline tracking" and the first thing I come across was this thread:…072

Lots of similar stories to mine there but worryingly I read somewhere else Aquiline is approved by Ebay and they take the tracking as gospel.

Here is a screenshot of the tracking:…jSr

That doesn't look legit at all to me. The "final delivery station" the parcel arrived at was in Manchester and I'm in Newcastle. That should be a depot local to me shouldn't it?

So apparently it went 'out for delivery' in Manchester and was delivered to me in Newcastle 1hr and 55 mins later even though that journey in a car at 70mph takes well over 2 hours

Oh and the "Carrier picked up the package" 11 hours before I actually bought the item.

I pointed out all the above issues to the seller and he said its all normal and there will be no refund as the tracking proves beyond doubt it was delivered. His cocky attitude makes me think he knows Ebay will take his side when I open a case.

I feel almost certain I'm being scammed but it doesn't really make much sense to me. Why would a seller with 16000 feedbacks and 99.9% of them positive suddenly decide to rip me off out of the blue?

I'm a little perplexed tbh so would love to hear any thoughts on the situation before I contact Ebay

Thanks in advance
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    Based on your information eBay will 100% side with you. They always protect the buyer first. Sometimes even when the evidence points against them. Just open a case and provide the evidence as you did here if that's even necessary.
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    Based on my experience as a seller on eBay, even if the item had arrived ebay will still side with the buyer.

    Open a dispute, there will be a section where you can add detail. Might have to wait 7 days to open a claim, and then up to a week for them to investigate.

    At worst open a chargeback
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    Open a dispute sooner then later. Then mention all the facts in the dispute. I would also give eBay a call after this to mention what you have pointed out. From speaking to eBay you should be able to know which side they will decide imo. If it's a dodgy seller eBay will already be aware and as above that eBay will side with the seller is not always the case if you provide details and speak to them. If you just leave it to run automatically then it may closer in the sellers favour. So best to call either before or after opening the dispute.
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    Probably the seller is legit, and it is the delivery company at fault.
    Perhaps they have stolen it,
    No legit ebayer sells 2tb SSD's for £35
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    Probably an hacked ebay account.
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    I dont understand how your reading the tracking information. It was picked up at manchester on the 18th and delivered 19th to Newcastle at 1.40pm. Where did you get 1h 55 mins from ?

    The trackings are never in real time they are normally delayed. (edited)
    Op has said tracking states "out for delivery" not that it's been picked up.
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    I think basically what you are saying is is create loads of listings on eBay and get everything from Amazon
    Doesn't really make sense
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    2TB SSD for £35 is not a thing unless it’s a glitch from a reputable seller. I wouldn’t trust that from any EBay seller.
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    Thanks very much for the replies guys and girls. One or two are very helpful indeed.

    I've been really rough with Covid the last couple of days so haven't been thinking about this at all. I'll open a case up in the next day or two and I'll report back here with the outcome incase anyone's interested.

    I'm in the U.S but I just bought a JBL speaker, never heard of aquiline. So I immediately started searching it. The day I made the order it said expected delivery December 2nd but within the same hour I ordered it was already in my state supposedly and only a few cities away and now today it's one city over from me
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    I opened a case and the seller responded to it straight away

    "The seller has responded.

    Seller’s message: 'As advised before your item has been delivered on 19/11 to the address you provided. I will process a courtesy refund in this occasion. ' "

    I got my money back but what an absolute lying bar steward he is
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