Item not received raised dispute with Ebay but paypal say its over time

Found 10th Jun 2008
I purchased a an item from ebay and it never arrived. I contacted the seller and she replied immediately saying it had been returned to her as the lable had come off, and she would send it after the weekend.

I never received the item and she emailed to say it was on its way, anyway I raised a non receipt for the item and proceeded to try Paypal, I was told by paypal that I was out of time, by 2 days

Obviously her way of delaying it long enough to be out of time, she hasnt responsed to any emails. I know she lives in the SK5 area and it seems she has received bad feedback from quite a number of others since me

I'd like to think that perhaps she cannot get to her email and hasnt responded because of that, but I dont think this is the case,

Can anyone help me on this?

EBAY item 180230409686
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oh dear ... she has terrible feedback, sorry to say all seems very dodgy indeed !
mmmm.... with a photo like that it is probable that she might not even have the item.
If you go to advanced search at the top of the ebay page then click on Find Contact Information. You need to enter their user id and the item number and it will tell you their phone number and address-that is if they supplied correct details!
Paypal don't seem to be any help at all any more. Once they have their fees thats all they care about!
can you not raise a general query with paypal/ebay explaining the situation? tell them you would have raised it earlier but the seller said about the label etc? then hopefully they'll help from there?

or ring them 0208 6053000 (Opt 1 = Customer services)
or +353 14369001 UK accounts dealt with by Dublin office
how long after the item was posted can you raise a dispute? i thought it was 90 days?
I have raised it via ebay, but she has not responsed and Paypal is less time

Her feedback was actually good when I bought the item, but since then its been awful. otherwise I wouldnt have touched her with a barge pole

I know the item was less than £20 but its the principal!
Surprise surprise her telephone no is not recognised
You could raise a chargeback with your creditcard or debitcard if your card was debited by paypal for this transaction,you would nead to send copys of emails sent ect to your bank and paypal have upto 30 days to respond, paypal hardy ever dispute these chargebacks
Maybe she's gone to the big auction in the sky!!!!!:whistling::?
report seller for false contact info,at least then ebay will boot her off and she cant scam other poor souls

sorry but i dont think you will see your money again :o(
wud of been put off by the picture
Detective work proved to work well, I managed to find a contact number for her both work and mobile and rang her - what a shock she had. Told me that she would call me tomorrow with the certificate of posting proof

ummm - I thinks the chances of that are pretty poor, so she will receive another call until I get my item or my money

(I didnt think the photo looked deceptive - I try and blank my backgrounds whereever possible to make a better photo) perhaps that gives the wrong impression???
OKay I have spoken with her 3 times, each time it is being posted and today she gave me a tracking number (which you guessed) is not on royal mails post tracking

This woman is ^%$£ing me off

What can I do to get her to admit she isnt sending it and get my money back
Won't get you your money back but.............

Disclaimer : I take no blame if the OP decides to embrace terrorism. :whistling:

Thanks, not into adverse means of getting my money returned, but made me smile

If only I knew where she lived I could get someone to put a smelly mackerel down one of her pipes as a gesture of my feelings towards this person that is intend on not sending me this "invisible cooker"

I will get my £19 back....but any ideas on how are much appreciated.
I am thinking...
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