Item not recieved , what can i do ? :/


    From the below thread…ger

    i paid £10 for the charger . By pm electricmayhem said he had posted the item .
    a day or 2 after I then recieved a postage card , an item had been returned to the local sorting office , i presumed it was this charger so i left positive feedback.

    However it turned out it was not the charger , after a pm with ELECTRICMAYHEM he assured me he was late posting it , but rest assured id have it by weekend (just gone) as it was now in the post .

    I still have not recieved it , he now ignores my PMs , although i do know he has had activity on these boards since i sent the pms .


    Is there any way i can get my monies back ?

    Is there any chance of changing the positive feedback , as this is making a false impression for future people that may choose to deal with him ?
    or at least removing my positive feedback left .




    give him a ring


    Use the contact button at the bottom of the page or report the original thread and the MODs will advise you…act



    give him a ring

    Call his landline that you obtained before going through with the purchase.


    well firstly update the said thread, although after saying received you gonna look a bit of a muppet, but update thread anyway and report for a mod to pm them for a response and see what happens


    stop whinging - its only monday FFS



    If you've not heard anything from your seller within the next couple of days, use the ]contact form to let us know.


    [COLOR="Black"]What on Earth is wrong with you?? [/COLOR]According to the thread you sent payment on 11/04 - 8 days ago. Why not wait another week or two.

    Not everyone can be bothered to send a poxy £2 charger out the via GOLD PLATED SUPERSONIC AWESOME POST just so you can have it 7 seconds after you paid for it.

    Grow up and get some patience.

    Original Poster Banned

    its only monday ? i paid last weekend , was menna be here on tuesday of last week .



    its only monday ? i paid last weekend , was menna be here on tuesday of … its only monday ? i paid last weekend , was menna be here on tuesday of last week .

    Thanks for the racist and homophobic messages you just sent me by PM. You'll fit in round here. Hope to see more of you soon



    strong hate on the OP
    Just wait a couple of days see what happens


    Locking this now - please try to remain civil with each other & you'll hopefully reach a satisfactory outcome. Re the seller - please let your buyer know when the item was posted, it may have only been a small amount of money but they did pay you & you should send the goods once payment has been received.

    Keep open the lines of communication, talk to each other directly (without any abusive PMs being sent) and use the above contact link if items still fail to turn up. Then leave the appropriate feedback - this should reflect the whole sales process - including how problems are resolved.

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