item purchased not delivered - where do i stand?

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Found 11th Aug 2010
I brought some earrings from a confetti store over the phone and paid for delivery all on debit card but it has not turned up over a week late. i called the store this morning and the guy really didn't seem to care he said he would look into it but they had despatched it 1st class so 'it should have been delivered'.

i have now had to re-purchase them from another store paying for a trackable service but why should i need to pay twice? can i ask for a refund for the 1st order when i have not recieved it?

where do i stand?

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Read up on the Distance Selling Act. Google for it, and take ten minutes out to read through it. The answer's quite easy to find in it (in short, if your stuff isn't delivered within 30 days you're entitled to a refund, and it is entirely the retailer's responsibility to ensure stuff is delivered to you), but you really need to be aware of your rights, and reading through the act is the best way.

not sure about debit card but credit card can do a charge back for undelivered goods.

taken from which website
Chargeback is a process that allows you to reverse a transaction if you are unhappy with the item received or if your credit or Visa debit card has been used fraudulently.

Chargeback is not enshrined in law like section 75, but is part of the Visa Scheme Rules, which participating banks subscribe to. It applies to all Visa debit cards, and can also be used for Visa credit card purchases where section 75 is not applicable – for goods costing less than £100 for instance. It also covers prepaid Visa cards and Visa Electron purchases.

MasterCard operates an equivalent scheme, but this only applies to MasterCard credit card payments, not to purchases made with a Maestro debit card. American Express does not offer a chargeback scheme.

When can chargeback be used?
Like section 75, chargeback can be used in cases of goods not arriving, arriving damaged, arriving not as described, or where the merchant has ceased trading.

Claims must be addressed to the bank that provides your Visa debit card or your credit card, which in turn will put in a request to the merchant’s bank. As a result, you should still get your money back from the merchant's bank, even if the merchant has ceased to trade.

heres the link

You can claim a refund after a month (from date of order)

we used debit to pay for a holiday transfer which went badly-on hol retun i asked the bank and it was an easy process they refunded and claimed from the company.

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Thank you! - they have given me a full refund
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