iTouch to play in Mini Cooper car?

    I have bought my wife an iTouch and she has a mini cooper S convertible (Sept 2004)... what do I need to buy so that she can play music through her iTouch in the car speakers?

    She has a cassette player hi-fi system with a 6 changer CD in the boot...
    Cheapest options please as was told that she would need a complete system (from mini) costing £200 and that she wouldn't be able to play CDS anymore?

    Many thanks


    Read up on FM Transmitters. The review below is old now and there will be newer & better transmitters on the market now. If the car has FM radio this looks the cheapest option.…htm…t=1

    if shes got a casette player all she needs to do is stick in that cassette and attach the other piece to the ipod.

    edit: dont know 100% if thats ok with itouches

    Buy her the Griffin i-trip. :santa:


    Buy her the Griffin i-trip. :santa:

    I agree these are the best ]linky! hope this helps :thumbsup:

    Original Poster…e=0
    this looks like the best...thanks guys...but not in time for Christmas!

    Original Poster

    think;3799737 looks like the best...thanks guys...but not in time for Christmas!

    only problem is I will need an extension as this will not fit where the cigarette lighter is in the mini...any further ideas?

    If you take the car into a mini dealership, they can fit a lead that runs to the glove compartment and you can control the ipod from the mini stereo controls. I think it costs £100 - Bit steep, but a nice tidy option if she is going to use it a lot...

    Oops didn't read your post correctly. In that case, you can pick up a transmitter from Dealextreme for about £4. I've got one and it works perfectly.

    I have an AudiaX DGT-202 FM Transmitter
    Includes car charger & instructions
    Converts audio from your mp3 player's headphone jack to a high-quality stereo FM signal for crystal clear sound
    Fantastic battery life (Up to 18 hours with one AAA)
    This is the newer version of the AudiaX DGT-202 that was upgraded by adding an Auto Off Feature and is CE certified

    You can find full details & reviews here…htm

    I used this with excellent results, no longer required as I have fitted an audiolink cable from my car stereo to my ipod. The display screen is slightly scratched

    Looking for £17 delivered 1st class – can’t guarantee you would get it in time for Xmas though.

    Payment via paypal gift
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