ITS A NEW DAY.........feeling better

    A few weeks ago I lost a large filling no pain so left it alone,if it dos'nt hurt forget it.Saturday I had a little pain in so had a gargle with tcp,sunday excruciating pain decided to go to dentaline and was given antibiotics"whoopee pain should go in couple days"Not.Today went to my dentist and he decided on extraction and a rollocking for not going to the dentist before.Now extracted and so much pain,what an arse I am.So from now on just a hint of a problem and horlicks dentist here I come"NO MORE DAMN EXTRACTIONS"....Look after your teeth...PS: Leeds lost


    awww bless. distration tool.

    With you on that one .. I have to go to dentist soon to see if they can save mine, otherwise they will have to extract it. It's currently got a temp bandage on, my appointment not for another few weeks so Im hoping the bandage will stay on til then!

    Dude you should have gone as soon as you lost the filling! I never put medical things off ever. It usually makes it worse if you do.

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    Thanks every one..Today is a new day feeling as though I could float,most of the pain has now gone(ouch) and a lovely new taste of thick gooey blood on my tongue when it submerges into that red bottomless crevice...Yummy Yummy Yummy:-D
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