it's a small small world

    i've met people i know by chance on every corner of this planet
    i'll go into more detail when i've finished work
    but what are your experiences of bumping into someone you know in another country or in the middle of nowhere?



    I bumped into Jen, a girl I used to play out with when I was little, in Philadelphia Airport lounge, waiting for the same connection to Pittsburgh.... :giggle:

    That's happened to me twice when i've gone on holiday. First time i saw some friends at JFK airport and second time was in Spain when our neighbours were in the same hotel.


    Hum never, I guess I don't go/hang out at the same places as everyone else. If I did I would think something much bigger was at play and I would probably act on it.

    Once in Florida, queueing up for one of the rides at Universal Studios, my cousin bumped into one of his classmates.

    My favourite was when I was at college in America. I was at a house party in the middle of nowhere in Massachusetts (some weird glorified shack in the middle of a field, it seemed like). A few fellow Brits had gone along too - one of the Americans brought over this girl and said "Hey, I think this girl is from your part of the world." and it turned out she was from Preston. She was in the US doing some au pair work.

    My friend Sue (who was fron Kent) had lived in Preston for a while, and so they got talking about places they used to go out. Sue said about one particular nightclub "I got thrown out of there once for chucking a drink over a bouncer." "I used to go out with one of the bouncers from there!" said the girl. A few exchanges of descriptions later...yes, it was the same bloke.

    Original Poster

    ok here goes

    travelling round europe and was staying in a campsite in corfu
    went to the reception and some of my best mates were just checking in
    had no idea they were doing the same
    another year flew to greece my brother had flown out earlier had no idea whjere he was went to one island and he was there working behind the bar
    was on an island in thailand brushing my teeth at the outside showers and and heard a shout for me
    it was another guy i met in greece who was a customer
    walking along the beach i bumped into some friends who had also worked in an island in greece
    was in bangkok and bumped into a swedish girl who used to stay with me in greece
    was in sydney australia getting some sweets in a small shop in bondi and anotherr of my best mates from london walked in to buy a newspaper
    walking down the street in kings cross in sydney australia met a chap who was worse for wear who worked with me in greece
    walking along the beach in bondi i met a group of friends who i used to hang around with in miami
    in pushka india met a girl i used to fancy who i always saw at the train station here in england when i was going to school
    just a few

    I would say I think you need to keep more in contact with your family and friends, because you never seem to know what each other is doing or where you're going. :giggle: ;-)

    Not as good as jasonrat, but many years ago I moved to South Germany, into a 16 storey apartment block. On the same floor were 2 friends from school (they had got married), one had been in my class & the other in my wife's class. Then to top it all, across the road (in another apartment block) was another person from my wife's class.

    Years later I moved to North Germany, & my next door neighbour was someone who had been my next door neighbour in the UK about 10 years previously. (I also moved to another house a few doors away from him about 5 years later.)

    I had next door neighbours in Belgium that moved to the UK at the same time as me - & ended up next door to me.

    And I've also phoned companies & found myself talking to old friends (this has happened on more than one occasion).


    Did you tell mrs syzable about that gay bar we met up in spain yet?

    I seen some random girl from my class in benidorm once

    I went on a boys holiday to Ibiza one summer and bumped into my cousin who lives in london, i'm from S.Wales! She was going home the following day.
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