Can anybody help me please
    I need to get about 4 minute video clip of its a wonderful life, the part where he says "you want the moon Ill get you the moon just before and just after, has to be about 4 minutes long, really would appreciate if anyone can help me find this clip, some on utube but only 1 minute long


    why dont you just download the movie if available, or rent the movie.

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    I have got the movie but not very clever I need just a four minute clip to put onto a video for my daughter's exams

    Well heres just the moon bit


    well if you have the movie why dont you rip it - to get that 4 min bit. not everyone wants that whole 4 mins, we're only interested in the moon lasso bit ie 1 min.

    oops just re-read your comment - didnt realise you don't know how to do ripping. sorry would help if i could but i dont have that movie now and going away at weekend

    'catch the moon'
    but aw, what a lovely idea!

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    thank you both, will have to get more it literate to be quite honest this site has helped me a lot
    anyway thanks

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    Found it thanks everyone
    yout ube George and Mary over 5 mins long
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