Its Been a weird weekend of football...

    hasnt it?

    Every top club in scotland and england have all drawn there games

    Dundee utd 2 - 2 Rangers
    Celtic 1 - 1 Hearts
    Liverpool 2 - 2 Hull
    Middlesborough 1 - 1 arsenal
    Tottenham 0 - 0 Man utd
    Chelsea 1 - 1 West ham

    Who could have predicted it?


    well thats a coupon buster!

    i didn't the only one i predicted was Ranger 2-2

    also Crewe won for a change!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Crewe 1-0 Swindon


    wow haven't watched football for years, but where are Newcastle now?

    where they've always been :whistling:

    I heard the odds on this were over 2800 - 1

    some lucky punter!!

    Wee Bellamys goal was grand

    newcastle won 3-0


    some lucky punter!!Wee Bellamys goal was grand

    Sure was

    You've missed off Man City.....soon to be biggest club in the UK! lol

    match o the day 2!!

    dont miss it.
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