Its caturday and its story time

    So hears the story of my day

    Feel free to post your own lol cats


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    It all started this morning when I:

    Made breakfast for the cranky youngsters

    and fed the baby a bottle

    She dribbled milk all over herself and my new blouse
    I loaded up the kids in the car seat and took them to daycares & school

    I was late for work, and traffic was a nightmare

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    My husband called my cell phone to tell me
    he got laid off from his construction job
    I got to the office (I'm a Tech Analyst)
    My supervisor chewed me out
    for misplacing the mouse

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    I went out for lunch and got caught in the rain
    I left work early to pick up my new eye glasses (wrong size)
    I then picked up the kids from school & daycare
    Fed them all a quick meal

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    And, then the girls to tap & ballet
    When we got back home, all they wanted to do was watch TV,%20TV.jpg
    and, sing karaoke instead of doing their homework
    After much chaos, they took their baths & got ready for bed
    And after much hounding, they brushed their teeth

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    Then I read them their nightly bedtime stories
    They finally went to sleep

    So, I tried doing some aerobics in the living room
    Uh oh, I don't think all the 'fast-food' and
    exercise is agreeing with me

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    Dear Lord, despite the topsy-turvy day

    I've had, I give thanks to you and

    For all the blessings you've bestowed upon me and my family.

    And next week, I'm off to the spa and pool for some

    That's how MY life is, how are things with YOU?

    brilliant martin

    we did spend one night at the casino while we were away
    small world - only met an old friend there

    caught up with the gossip over a few drinks

    next thing you know - a fight started - typical

    well someone called the cops - looks like were spending the night in custard

    meanwhile.......... back at the house - the babysitter invited a few friends over

    the noise got so bad the neighbour went round

    you always get 1 cheeky toerag dont ya'

    so my neighbour chases them

    just checks on the babies as well .... ahhh

    who's doing the next part:thumbsup:

    Original Poster

    well done holly

    thats peeeerfect

    great idea, martin, thanks for posting this week. i shall be back in the morning .. hello holly.


    awww such cute cats me loves them :-)

    [COLOR="Sienna"][SIZE="5"]The story of my life starts with ...
    waiting for the train.[/SIZE][/COLOR]

    [COLOR="Sienna"][SIZE="5"]It felt like eternity ...

    [SIZE="5"][COLOR="Sienna"]It was pretty dire, I was getting bored. Autumn was closing.
    Even little Duncan had grown a whole foot taller.[/COLOR][/SIZE]

    [SIZE="5"][COLOR="Sienna"]Finally the train pulls up. Yipeeee![/COLOR][/SIZE]

    [SIZE="5"][COLOR="Sienna"]Unfortunately ...
    the train inspector was on board and I got a fine![/COLOR][/SIZE]

    gosh this was difficult, martin ... it'll take me half a day to look for suitable images lol.

    [SIZE="5"][COLOR="Navy"]The Olympics crash refresher course.
    There's basketball ...[/COLOR][/SIZE][SIZE="5"][COLOR="Navy"]
    Gymnastics Vault[/COLOR][/SIZE]

    Speed skating[/SIZE][/COLOR]


    Pole vault jump

    Original Poster


    gosh this was difficult, martin ... it'll take me half a day to look for … gosh this was difficult, martin ... it'll take me half a day to look for suitable images lol.

    I will confess, :whistling:that I did get an e-mail with this story.
    so I did have a head start, but I still had to fined the pics to poast on hear and that took me all yesterday afternoon

    Run-for-your-life marathon[/SIZE][/COLOR]

    Long jump[/COLOR][/SIZE]

    Platform diving[/COLOR][/SIZE]

    Brilliant .:-D Made me giggle and I really needed that this morning:) thanks guys:thumbsup:

    Spectator Sport[/SIZE][/COLOR]

    Original Poster


    lol synchro - morning martin.

    Weight lifting[/COLOR][/SIZE]

    Original Poster

    [COLOR="Sienna"][SIZE="6"]shadow boxing[/SIZE][/COLOR]


    Original Poster




    [COLOR="Sienna"][SIZE="6"]shadow boxing[/SIZE][/COLOR]

    [COLOR="Sienna"][SIZE="6"]synchrow poasting again[/SIZE][/COLOR]
    morning Kippy
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