Its my Birthday today !! 37 years young.

    Calm down girls, I am already married.


    happy birthday :gift:

    happy birthday:-D

    Happy Birthday:thumbsup:

    [COLOR="Purple"]...hope you have a fab day..[/COLOR]

    I wasn't even thinking of a toy boy!!

    Happy 37th Birthday. How are you celebrating?

    Happy Birthday ... .............................[COLOR=plum]you're nearly as old as me :w00t:[/COLOR]
    Hope you have a lovely day

    you know you are old when you start putting 37 years YOUNG!!


    happy birthday, hope you having a fab day and lots of treats xx

    Hippy Barthday :thumbsup:

    Happ 37 Birthday. Hope you have a lovely day

    Happy Birthday to you, Happy birthday to you, Happy birthday dear kbenjaaaaaaaaaaaaa
    Happy birthday to youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu! :gift::friends:

    Original Poster

    Thanks everyone the drinks are on me!!

    I will drinking cider till my head looks like an apple

    Original Poster


    I wasn't even thinking of a toy boy!!

    I bet :whistling:

    Original Poster

    who expired this !!! god *&£^$% it !!!


    who expired this

    A spoilsport I guess!

    Original Poster

    Always one eh?


    who expired this !!! god *&£^$% it !!!

    probably ants 97, he hates people who send sparkly gifs to each other. he said that earlier on a room 101 thread!!
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