Its nearly christmas guys and i want to wish you all a great time and very best wishes for 2008

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Well as some of you know this time of year brings out alot of sadness in most of us and was really hoping this site would cheer me up but its not to be with still so much anger, sadness and feelings of resentment around, but i wanted to post to wish everyone a great christmas and best wishes to you all for 2008

I also want to make a special thanks to a few members on here who have helped me with many an hour of their free time

Firstly a massive thanks to guv, who spent hours on the phone to me, at his cost, when my laptop died on me, although we never got far fast, he still gave up his own free time to help someone he doesnt know, so thanks guv x

Secondly more massive thanks go to mikebeaver who again spent hours of his free time talking me through setting up my R4 ready for my daughters christmas present, without you it would still be sat in a draw, so a massive thanks from me to you xx

There is to many members to list who have lifted my spirit at times, and probably cried with my at the times my spirit wasn't, you know who you are xx

Lastly im not sure if i will be about over the next few days, due to being busy but mainly due to the sadness and upset i am seeing across HUKD, i was hoping to spend time over the festive season on here, due to being single and alone at this time of year, but feel sad enough without being pulled further down by all this mess

So sorry its along one guys but again many wishes to you all, and may you and your families enjoy the festive season, and to those, like myself who have to suffer in silence at this time of year, remember we are allowed sadness and dont knock yourself about it

My love to you all, you lot have been a strength to me at certain times throughout this last year, and that is exactly what a place like this can do, no matter what its main purpose xxxxxxx
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Merry Xmas and a Happy New Year sassie. I wasn't around before the new site was put in place but I can see that many are upset. Let's hope things improve for 2008.

Have a happy Christmas sassie and I hope the New Year brings joy to you
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year :santa:
Awww Sassie, don't feel the place is full of sadness. This could be the turn around, try and keep this thread the happy thread eh folks then?

Best Wishes to one and all
I just would like to say....

A VERY merry Christmas and a truly HAPPY New Year, you will see I am quite new to the site and although had to blink at the changes have accepted them for what they are.

I would like to convey my thanks to those who have saved me not only money but also the boredom of watching the OH playing his games console night after night....... I feel I have found a bit of fun and hope it continues!!!

Merry xmas each and everyone and hope you have a a wonderful time.When the going gets tough the tough get going.Keep smiling:thumbsup:
I didn't even get a mention!:x

Well merry xmas sassie and all.:thumbsup:
Peace and Happiness to all at Christmas and the whole year through
Merry Christmas Sassie - if you ever need a chat just PM me
Enjoy everybody and hope 2008 brings you what you wish for. :santa:
Sod the merry xmas bit...can I have your number! :w00t::thumbsup:
Merry Christmas and happy new year!! :santa: Hope everyone has a good one! :thumbsup:
Wish you all a great Christmas guys ans guys

good luck hunting down those boxing day sales.

All the best :thumbsup: :santa:
Bless you,Sassie....and whilst it may not be the most joyous times of the year for you I wish you all the best regardless,onwards and upwards to a new year(sings D.Reem!!!)

Things have been difficult on here of late but are slowly getting better,the site needs you and your input,many of your threads make folk smile,so carry on spreading the fun,my girl!!;-)
Wishing You A Happy Christmas
AmAZiNg New Year Sassie

Oh, ok and the rest of yaz
Well, so did we all survive the day in one piece? I did and must say it was one of the better one's i've had for years now
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