It's that time of year - Fake Shopping vouchers doing the rounds again

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Right, I know the vast majority of people here will be very wise to this, but I always feel it's worth bringing up, especially as I often see people sharing them around social media. It's a big pain in the backside, although I am sure lots of people fall for it.

As nice as it would be to get a free £250 voucher, it's not going to happen. Our social media team have had a few people bring the scam up over the last week or so, saying that they have seen them around Facebook and other platforms, so I wanted to warn people again, really.

As I say, I know you guys and girls are savvy with this kind of thing, but there are people out there that will click and share without thinking, sending details to some random site, possibly resulting in data theft.

Some will say "if people are stupid enough, they deserve it" Although there are people out there, young and old that just don't know. So next time you see someone share one, maybe drop them this link? Or let them know that they are potentially unsafe.

Some info on the same scam doing the rounds via Whatsapp HERE
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Good thing we don't have a For Sale section anymore.
Anyone visiting here should be wise to this...but of course it makes great click-bait on social media. Notice the two comments here versus the rest on FB
My mum got this on Sunday and kept asking me to check it out. Of course she had it too forward it to her WhatsApp friends grrrrrr
My sister in law sent me a link today for Aldi for a £150 voucher to celebrate their anniversary she had seen on Facebook and share it with everyone on WhatsApp. Giveaway was it was an URL not

She is naive to things like this and had already given her personal info
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Oh, I thought I pulled it off.

(For anyone wondering, the spelling errors are intentional).

You mean the FREE £23761273612357 Tesco voucher wasn't real?
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