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It's the hotukdeals Christmas Flamedeer Hunt 2019. Play to win some awesome prizes!

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Posted 11th Dec 2019
Just as you've managed to recover from the Halloween Hunt we now bring you the 2019 Christmas Hunt!

All of the information you need in order to play is on the special landing page which you can find >> HERE <<

Follow our hotukdeals Facebook page, our hotukdeals Instagram and make sure you're signed up for Daily Picks for clues

Use this thread for asking any questions about the hunt or sharing tips about where you can possibly find those elusive Flamedeer.

Got some Flamedeer you want to trade? Go >> HERE <<

Prizes up for grabs:

You can download the full T&Cs for the competition >> HERE <<

Requirements for reserved prizes:

We have some prizes which are reserved for members of our community who have certain badges (awarded BEFORE the hunt).These are -

Type: Wreath Flamedeer - £20 Ikea Voucher
Badge: Contributor Level 2 (20 deals shared)

Type: Yeti Flamedeer - £20 John Lewis Voucher
Badge: Comment Level 3 (1000 comments left on other peoples threads)

Type: Bearded Flamedeer - £50 Argos Voucher
Badge: Pioneer (awarded to members who joined in the first year 2004)

Type: Hot Chocolate - immense Flamedeer Bundle!
Badge: Hotspot Level 2 (one of your deals has reached 1000°)

Type: Christmas Jumper Flamedeer - Flamedeer Hoodie
Badge: Hotspot Level 2 (one of your deals has reached 1000°)
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