itunes - 2 separate accounts question?

i have 2 ipods with 2 different users. I want separate libraries for both ipods, so when i sync the library with the ipod i dont want the songs on both ipods. I have made separate itune accounts for both and login.logout accordingly. However when i log out the songs still show up in the main library. do i need to delete these songs from the library when im not logged in either account. wont i lose all the songs?? im so confused lol !!!

will all the songs be miced up in the main library or do i need to keep check/unchecking the songs i want to transfer


I would like to see answer to this! I have bought my son an Ipod and when trying to set up his own account got all mixed up and now my poor 11yr old has Michael Buble and Shakin Stevens on his ipod X) (ok maybe not Shakin Stevens!)

I managed to mix up my son and daughter Ipod accounts too,

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so nobody uses itunes?

You need to create 2 separate iTunes librays, hold down shift when you open iTunes, you will then be given the option of selecting library or create, select create and you then have a separate libray

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what a faff

hardly oO not exactly hard, what did you expect to do??

I think the best way to do this is to set up a Windows account for each user.

This is easy to do, just go into the Windows Control Panel and select "User Accounts" and then create one or more accounts, with any name you wish.

So you can have an account for each user in the house (Mum, Dad, Sister, Brother etc).

Then when Windows starts you can choose what account you want to log on with.

The great thing about this is that each user has there own "settings" so can have their own desktop picture, their own browser favorites, their own icons on the desktop etc.

And of course they can have their own iTunes "setup".
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Why do you need to have two seperate libraries, just have one library with 2 playlists, then set the itunes to only sync to the playlist for whichever ipod is detected as connected. That's what I have done and it works easily.

I use the method suggested by Greg_68 - definitely the most easiest way of syncing different playlists. Anyone know how to sync contacts from 2 iPhones without them getting mixed up?!
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