Found 4th Nov 2008
Hey People

Wanted to open an iTunes account to download an application (it's free) lol

But noticed they ask for your card details if you decide to buy something from iTunes but the thing is my iPhone is unlocked/ jailbroken would this matter?

Just thought they might take payment etc?


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There was an old thread that let you sign up to Itunes using a gift voucher code and you never have to enter credit card details. The method is still possible but the voucher code has expired so if you can find another one you'll be rocking.

BTW, it doesn't matter if the iPhone is jailbroken. Mine is and I can use the app store no problem.

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Thanks a lot Mittu!

I'll have a look around for that....but if you do manage to find one please let me know mate!

Like the avatar! lol

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Any ideas?

As really want to get a few apps for my iPhone? Rep in store!

Well, just use your credit card to open an account. and then you can edit your payment details and select None in the payment method and so they dont have your credit card details anymore..

make a us account no creditcard needed . look on here [url][/url]
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