itunes card not working

    Hi all. was wondering if someone would be able to help my OH bought me an ipod for xmas and today i tried to load on the £15 voucher he got me buy it keeps coming up invalid code i tried both the big long number off the till receipt and the numbers on the back of the card but nothing seems to work just keep getting the same message.

    anyone know what i might be doing wrong ? could we have been given a duff code from argos ? if so i guess we have just lost the money coz how would we prov it doesnt work.

    argh this is doing my head in i only want to set up my itunes account & it wont let me without a voucher code.

    any help much appreciated.


    the number on the receipt isnt the one you need-its the one under the scratch panel on the card-its rare they dont work,and usually after a coupla attempts at the wrong code,itunes should ask you for the barcode number on the card?

    could be it hasnt been validated properly by argos

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    have tried the code off the back both on the ipod itself and thru the pc. twits at argos told oh you dont actually need the card just the receipt which is what made us try the number off the receipt.


    Have you tried more than one code as iTunes don't like it & won't accept it as we found out with my daughters iPod
    She waited a hour or so then it was fine

    I had the same problem and contacted apple support, they were very professional and resolved it after a day. Contact them and they will sort it.

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