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Found 12th Nov 2010
I am a PC user, and when I opened my Itunes this morning. It said Itunes library damaged and appeared to import all my songs under a new Itunes library.

Having said that I have now lost all my playlists.

Doesanyone have any tips on how to restore?

The other thing is BACK UP. I tried to do this before and it says I can only back up to a CD? Has anyone been able to back up to an external harddrive.

Finally, any tips going forward on how to save playlist, playcounts etc if this happens again?

Thanks in advance.

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In the location of your itunes library/music folder, there is a folder called previous itunes libraries. These only save every few months however so opening that file will probably be old playlists, playcounts and without any new songs. Worth a look at the dates incase yours saved recently though.
If you decide to load it, hold down shift while opening itunes and choose select library then find the appropriate file.
Of course use this method to try and open the old "corrupted" itunes library first.
As for backing up to an external hard drive, there is software you can get to periodically back up from one hard drive to another. Just do a quick google search.
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