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every time i try to download a movie or a video on ITunes it cuts my internet connection off after about 2 mins of download, download is 699.7mb and it is 22mb through after cutting off 3 times so far, it also says it's going to take 12 hours to load,
the last time i gave up as it was going to take 37 hours for the hulk movie, and it cut off my connection about 25 times before i gave up.
the items are charged from my sons credit and he's not getting the product,
can any one help or advise

xx fizzie xx


could be your isp blocking downloads maybe?

Original Poster

how would i find out if it was, i can download other stuff from itunes and other sites with no problem, thanks

speak to your isp

some have download barriers which stop u downloading during certain peak hours and such

at the very least they should be able to look at your line and see why it keeps disconnecting

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thanks i'll give them a call in the morning, thanks for you help xx rep added
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