itunes DRM help please

    I want to buy a song from itunes, but I'm not sure about the DRM situation. Is it true that itunes have ditched DRM? It's important for me to know because I don't think my car stereo will support DRM songs via its USB input. If it doesn't, I don't want to buy the song. Please help?


    Only iTunes Plus songs (I think that's what they are called) have no DRM. You could also use a program to strip the DRM from the song

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    How can I tell which songs are Plus Songs and which ones are not?

    I've not used iTunes in a while so I don't know unfortunately

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    I went on to itunes and on some songs, I saw a '+' next to the price. I suppose that this indicates which songs are Plus Songs. Anyway, I downloaded the song I wanted and burned it to a cd, so now it is DRM free. Thanks, and rep :thumbsup:
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