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Found 16th Mar 2011
Hi, I've just gone to run iTunes on my laptop & the following error comes up:

'iTunes cannot run because some of it's required files are missing. Please reinstall iTunes.'

What the frick does that mean? Have I lost everything?? I did the latest update last night. I'll be really annoyed if it's all gone as I've just ripped my 400 cds to it!!

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I'd try doing what it says if I was you

So long as all the Albums are still in your music folder, you wont have lost anything, just re-install then re-import

mine did the same when ii updated the other day just go to the website and reinstall itunes, my music was still there when it had done, all ok now - true story

as above no need to re import just re install itunes ok? ok!

Original Poster

Thanks guys! Reinstalled & it's all still there.

Would have gone insane if I had to rip everything again!!

Thanks again x

Think it's a bug with latest iTunes as there is plenty of chatter about this elsewhere.
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