itunes help - Multiple Accounts and ipods

    I have an ipod nano and my husband has a ipod touch. I haven't "updated" my nano for ages and my husband can't find my itunes stuff on the computer.

    Anyway... today I get an iphone and I want to open a new itunes account for it. Can I also sync my nano to it so it can share the same music etc? or am I better having 2 seperate accounts for it?

    Will I need to restore the nano to factory settings to do this?

    Also how do I get multiple accounts for itunes as itunes always opens up my husbands account!

    What should the 1st thing I do when I go to plug my iphone in today? I find itunes really complicated.

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    each time you plug an ipod/iphone/ipad into your computer it will open up itunes and display your device.

    You only need 1 itunes account to buy iTunes content from the store.

    What I do is have all my iTunes organised nicely and then each time I plug a device in I just tick all the boxes as to what I want synced. They can all have the same content downloaded onto them but you have to tell iTunes what to do.

    Just treat each device as a stand alone device and don't try to complicate things.
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