iTunes Help Please

    I have just got a Shuffle and installed iTunes (it took an age!).

    Anyway, I clicked on Autofill from My Music and this has transferred my songs from my computer onto the iPod (I think!). But the amber light is still flashing on the shuffle itself and when I click on "Eject Mel's iPod" it says:

    The iPod cannot be ejected because it contains files that are in use by another application

    It says at the top of the iTunes that "iPod sync is complete".

    Any advices as I've been warned not to disconnect the ipod when the amber light is flashing as it's still doing things??


    Close all application thorugh task manager

    Go into processors - see if any say itunes

    If all done and amber still on

    take it out...plug in to see if still works

    Original Poster

    Tried above but still amber. Will see what happens next!!

    Needs charging....leave for a bit

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    Ok - wiped all the music off of it. Then opened itunes and dragged the music over in one batch rather than use the Autofill from my music. Once it had transferred the music, it said ok to disconnect - result!

    Now listenig to it - great little things!! Now just to get some better headphones!

    Cheers for help.
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