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I want to sync to another computer that has just had iTunes installed. My iPhone has lots on it and the new iTunes has nothing. How do I get the content of my phone onto the new iTunes? Currently when I try to sync, it says iTunes will overwrite whats on the phone which indicates I will lose all my files.
I used to sync to iTunes on my work computer but IT have blocked it from use. I have 6gb of music and some neat apps I really don't want to have to start all over again. Can anyone help please?

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you can get a program such as 'ipod copy'. Apple clearly doesnt want you to take your music and put it on your friends machine (without them buying it) so they stop you from uploading your music back to your machine, but programs like ipod copy, let you do the opposite, take from your ipod and transfer into itunes!
Hope that helps…tml

here's a link to a site that sells it, but i would suggest using google as you could find it online

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Is it possible to copy the folders from one iTunes and place them in another?

Yes, copy the entire i-tunes folder from your old computer onto a memory stick.

On your new computer install i-tunes, then open i-tunes, click on "Edit" then from the drop down menu select "Preferences" select "Advanced" tab and check the boxes marked "Keep I-Tunes folder organised" and "Copy files to i-Tunes media folder when added to library" Select "OK"

Then in I-Tunes click "File" and from drop down menu and then "Add folder to library..." you should then be given a location for the folder. Select where you have saved the I-tunes folder, it should then import all of your folders and files.

When you sync your i-pod you will need to authorise your computer and possibly verify your i-tunes account.

Another easier way may be to copy the saved I-tunes folder into your "My Music" folder, if you then open the i-tunes folder you should have a file called "itunes Library.itl" if you open this file it should then open i-Tunes and reinstall your library.

Good luck.
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