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    Is there a way of getting my CD collection onto my ipod WITHOUT copying it all to my laptops hard drive please? I don't have enough room!
    I know I need to copy them somewhere, which I've been doing onto an external hard drive, but when I go into itunes to transfer them to the ipod, it refuses to let me?
    I apologise if its blindingly obvious to those 'in the know'!


    So long as you set up where you have them on the hard drive as folder monitored by itunes, it shouldnt care that they are on external drive.

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    I've just realised they are being copied as CD audio tracks, so I'm guessing its because they need converting? Not sure how to do that, I was just copying and pasting lol

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    Aha, sorted it!

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    Or not.....................*bangs head on desk*

    I would probably go with the following quality settings:

    Then choose a folder on the external drive to save the tracks:

    If you untick 'Copy files to iTunes Media folder when adding' then you should avoid duplicate copies being generated elsewhere.
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