Itunes help please. Lost apps, copied files...very confused.?

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Found 12th Jun 2010
Couple of questions please if anyone knows.

Firstly can you download bought apps again if for some reason you have deleted them or your computer has a problem.

Secondly can you copy itunes onto an external disc.

I ask because in the week i copied apps onto an external hard disc so we would have a back up if anything happened to the computer. This is the first time I have done any sort of copying before. I thought all was well until my son connected his ipod this morning When he clicks on some of the apps a message something like.........application cannot be used for the original file cannot be found.

Any ideas would be really appreciated. Thanks
Not going to look at it tonight but will try and sort out tomorrow but i did wonder if i had copied the original file and maybe you are not allowed to do this.
Thanks at least he has the football to watch....he's 11 and I have certainly not won the Best Mum Award today.

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Thanks i thought you would be able to. Not sure at this stage i will look at the hard drive tomorrow and see what i have on there and hopefully just move it back.
Thanks. Lets hope I didnt Cut, dont think i did.
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