ITunes Help - Sort By Album??

    Anyone out there good on ITunes...

    I've got ten songs, I've selected them all and in the info menu, changed the album name... so they now all sit in the same album called 'chart'.

    But on the Ipod under albums, there all separate still?!

    What do I need to change so they all group together under the one album?!



    I am assuming you have synced since the changes?

    If so do you then have an album called chart on your ipod?

    Does your ipod sync everything in itunes or a playlist? to edit the actual id3 tag so that the dcorrect info is in the correct field.

    This will correct it for all programs. If you just want to change it for iTunes then select all of the album's songs you want to change then I go to either 'File' or 'EDdie' and then 'Get Info', you can then add the album title to the songs.

    EDIT: Sorry I think I misread the question.

    Original Poster

    I manually manage the songs on my Ipod, so just drag the songs over instead of syncing.

    There is then 10 albums on the Ipod called 'Chart', each with just one song in

    Right click - Get info - put album artist as "Various artists"

    I would normally try and clear the conflicting tags.
    Try my example below

    You may also have to tick the album artwork box.... But this will remove the cover from all the tracks.

    jus put them in a on the go playlist


    jus put them in a on the go playlist

    Playlists are for quitters
    I hate scrolling through messy/duplicate album covers.
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