iTunes / iPhone charity app?

Found 6th Aug 2010
I have money on my iTunes account that I'd like to donate to charity...

Does anyone know if there is an iPhone app or way on itunes to donate this money? Looking at approx £20 so not really looking to purchase naff charity songs if possible.

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Keep seeing references on internet that there used to be a button to donate to Red Cross for Haiti but cannot find working link...does anyone know one? Seem itunes has given up
Final bump - anyone know how I can give iTunes credit to a charity or Haiti appeal?
Here's one option - but doesn't help with your use of credit (as it would debit your paypal account rather than itunes account):…spx

I think justgiving have an iphone app.. but again, guess that will debit a card rather than itunes.

Can definitely see a gap for a decent donation app that uses in-app micro payments from your itunes account as donations. Guess you need a fair bit of back-office support though for making they payments and adding things like gift-aid.

I'd also be interested if anyone knows of any alternatives.
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