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Posted 3rd Apr
Hello, sorry if this is a silly question but if I purchase a film or tv series from itunes, apart from apple products, what can I watch them on and could they be downloaded onto an external hdd and played via a smart tv?
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Has your smart tv got the Apple TV app?
sohailh198403/04/2020 14:28

Has your smart tv got the Apple TV app?

No, i think that answers my question. Is there anywhere you can buy digital movies/tv series that you can keep on a hdd? Without piracy obviously 😏
I’m not sure about Apple but the vlc player is good at playing a range of video files.
As well as now being available on some of the latest smart TVs, the apple TV app, which plays itunes movies, was recently introduced for the various Roku and Amazon Firestick streaming devices. The 4K versions of the streaming devices should play itunes movies in 4K HDR (where a 4K version of the movie is available on itunes) but not in DV and Atmos. The 4K firestick is currently on sale for £30 from amazon, Roku 4K devices have also been frequently reduced to that price.
Amazon Fire stick allows you to load the Apple TV app. It’ll let you watch any iTunes purchases.
Alternatively iTunes on your PC.
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