iTunes music on android Mi Ai phone?

Found 30th Dec 2017
I've just moved from apple to the android, Mi A1...

However I need my music! My iphones storages were always half filled with my music.

I'm struggling though, to find a way to get my iTunes music on the Mi A1 phone. I've been googling away!

I can't put the songs on all individually via the folders on the PC as I have about 5000 songs on the PC, and I need to be able to find/organise the songs via iTunes or similar. Like I couldn't be able to make a list of what to put on the phone, using the folder format. It's a struggle to navigate them all as it is, using iTunes!

AirSync and Doubletwist apps don't work, even when paying. As they want you to then download PC software on top... which only works with Win 7 and above (which it doesn't state on the app and I do not have).

Any help out there...? Please
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Don't you just transfer to Google music now? That's what I thought. You can swap it over on pc. Guess there will be youtube videos demonstrating
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