Itunes question....transferring files..can I delete original files?

    At the moment all my itunes music photos and iphone apps are on my old computer which I want to get rid of.
    I also want to back up everything I have.
    If I copy all the files onto an external storage device as back up and then copy these onto my new laptop can I just delete everything on my old computer. Basically I need to know that the copies will work. I know that sounds stupid but I once moved a few bits of itunes music and when I tried to play it later it said the original file could not be found. This may have been something I did wrong not sure but it has made me worry about deleting everything on my old computer even when I hopefully have a copy.
    Thanks in advance. Down the line I am thinking of getting something like a Nas drive but know I will always also need a second back up as i wouldn't want to keep everything on my laptop.


    no you must keep them forever...:p

    It should be perfectly fine copying them over to external and then to new laptop. If you're that concerned copy them over the laptop first, whilst still keeping them on the old computer, make sure they work on the new laptop if they do then bobs your uncle and you can delete them off your old computer

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    Thanks guys that's reassuring...can you just clarify what you mean by consolidating the library first.

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    thanks appreciate your help.

    Tread very carefully. If in doubt back up the whole lot
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