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Found 31st Aug 2010
Looking to purchase some codes, but honestly i don't know.

Any Help please.

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The domain is registered to a private individual, rather than a company, so stay clear of it.

In any case, if you are after iTunes vouchers you want to go and buy them at Morrisons anyway. Link
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I have been buying them rfrm this bloke since he sold on Ebay around a year ago .As he sends codes via email he can no lnger sell via Ebay .The same bloke also runs and i have never had a problem if codes don't work he sends new codes within a few hours last time i bought when they were on offer i got £75 for £37.50.

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Thing is, Apple deny all knowledge of this site and said in no uncertain terms, not to buy. It makes me wonder if the codes are sourced legally. They may well work, but are they legit?

Its like dodgy DVD's - Just because its a great copy, doesnt make it genuine!

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Yeah but, i know sites where i can get $300 account, obv unlegit, for about £10 i dont want to be investing in some terrorists

Thing is, do you think Apple are stupid? You have to register your ipod/iphone to iTunes, correct?

All they have to do is check codes against users and bang, they have the users name/address who has used illigal codes!

I'd rather just pay the full whack or get a buy1get1half price deal when its on. Much less likely to be funding illigal activity that way!

im not fussed about where things come from. if i dont know then i cant object

they are half price codes for an overpriced itunes. everything i purchase im getting for the price i would pay. so they get purchases when otherwise they wouldnt.
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