ITV 3, ITV3+1, Channel 5 freezes on sky?

Found 7th Sep 2009
Ive always had problems with channel 5 freezing on sky but now itv3 and +1 has started doing it
Ive done a firmware upgrade, checked the cables but still doing it
anyone know how to fix this?
Its just a standard sky box
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Often when channels freeze its down to dish mis-alignement - some transponders are aligned very slightly differently to others. Five and ITV 3 are on different transponders so this will mean that you are connecting badly with at least two transponders. Five and ITV 3 are bunched with other channels as well,
(see transponder table here:-…tml )
and if you are having a problem getting these other channels as well eg Ulster TV, STV North, BBC 1 Northern Ireland then this will confirm the problem. If this is the case you need to move your dish a little bit, either by tilting it, or twisting it.
Does the picture come in blocks or is there a blue screen when you select these channels saying 'No signal'. My sky box does the same thing, but found a way to fix it. Once you selected one of these channels press the 'TV' button on the sky remote (I know it sound daft but works), the quality should be clear with no freezing. But once you do this you have to press 'Sky' again to change channels. Try it:thumbsup:
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