Found 10th Mar 2011
It has been a very long time since quality drama appeared on ITV. Monroe is such a brilliant piece of writing played by the superb James Nesbitt. Bowker wrote it after his daughter had a brain tumour removed, yes it's medical.....but don't let that put you off. One not to miss.

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looks like an english copy of house

We found it a bit dull

Was really looking forward to this, love James Nesbitt, but have to say I was disappointed, I also found it a bit dull. Found Sarah Parish's (who I also love) attempt at a posh accent rather irritating too. Will watch again in the hope it gets better, felt the second half was better than the first so fingers crossed.

This post read like a press release.

yeah , it's so not a copy of house ...and it's not that great either .

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inferior house to be sure - it was just ok

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This post read like a press release.

All my own career beckons?

I work in this area and do not watch ANY medical dramas. Personally, I just found House too depressing.

Admit I am biased, just love Mr Nesbit, (with or without hair, he is sooo cute!). His performance was slick and entertaining and the writing top notch. Big disadvantage is that it is a medical drama but good performance and writing will work in any setting.

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