Posted 9 December 2022


So ITV X was launched this week. I have never watched so my adverts in my life , im talking around 14 long commercials before a 23 minute episode of Plebs with a further 4-5 half way through.
if you want to pay £5.99 a month you can do away with the adverts.
cannot see this channel lasting long as the content isn't anything specific, the films are 90% unknown titles and you have to endure far too many adverts.
thats todays moan over.... i don't believe it
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  1. Broc_Mudflap's avatar
    Have you tried taking up a hobby?
    HappyShopper's avatar
    I fear moaning on HUKD has become his hobby.
  2. Rmcstar's avatar
    If you've used ITVX you'll get this; Gravlax (edited)
  3. Alf.Garnett's avatar
    Very annoying adverts too (edited)
  4. newbie68's avatar
    It's rare I watch ITV full stop. Can't stand the amount of adds. I will avoid a program, even if I'm keen to watch it. Tries the catch - up.....can't do it. I get you
  5. Mr.Plow's avatar
    ITV X how disappointing, I thought it was a new porn channel (edited)
  6. SaturdayGigs's avatar
    Thanks for the usual
  7. jase.2's avatar
    I’ve been watching Benidorm on it and not noticed any more ads than would have been on it whilst on normal tv 
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    The show probably made you sleep through them
  8. jon81uk's avatar
    Either pay for the content, or watch the adverts to pay for it, or find it on DVD to pay for it, or watch live on TV and watch the adverts.
    They have to get the money to make the programmes somehow!
    lollypoplee's avatar
    If the content was current and original then i could agree with you, but there is easily twice as many adverts than regular channels.
    This ruins the viewing pleasure.
    Agreed they have to pay for the programmes being aired but they have it the wrong way around.
    ITV1 show 5 adverts during a new film or show or documentary, and ITVX show around 14 before and during a film or show thats older than the cast in Dads army !
  9. kireir's avatar
    It’s been active since mid November, last rollout was this week. It’s awful Was the exact same trying to watch plebs, ended up going off after one episode
  10. davidian84's avatar
    Thanks for some reason i thought you would have to subscribe for plebs finale so will definitely watch it.

    As for adverts you are clearly exaggerating will be 4 min break max, less than on tv
    lollypoplee's avatar
    ok.... boy are you in for a shock
  11. TristanDeCoonha's avatar
    Watch 5 seasons of it on Plex for free. Some ads, but nothing like you describe
  12. BillySollox's avatar
    Is any of the content in HD? And is it in the correct framerate ie 25fps? (edited)
  13. Midge's avatar
    Has everyone missed the £3.99 a month deal?
  14. gravy_davey's avatar
    If have a ad/tracker blocker like the LockDown app or a pihole. I definitely wouldn’t block tom(dot)itv(dot)com.
  15. splatsplatsplat's avatar
    Did you not see the promo ad's for ITVX? Drawn out nonsense with a few celebs being told to act like a fish by an idiot.

    ITV is the worst channel, only people that like it are the same that like The Kardashians and rubbish like that.

    Brow so low you need submarine. (edited)
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