ITV2 is anyone elses channel flickering

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Found 3rd May 2009
as above ive unplugged my freeview box and its still flickering, but the other channels are ok, thanks

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Try plugging it back in,

nope mines fine


what's on ITV2 anyway, the flickering is probably more … what's on ITV2 anyway, the flickering is probably more entertaining:thumbsup:

britains got talent lol

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britains got talent repeat is on, but its flickering a picture from primeval.


tried re-scanning your box?



oh I missed that last night,lol, I've got Come Dine With Me on:p

lol so have i watch it all the time (sad i know) lol


shhh so do i:oops:

Was round my moms last week and her is the same.

Picture breaking up freezing etc. On ITV2 and a.n.other.

Reset box still the same tho.

jus watch anova channel, dont they have it on itv player or sumfin, watch it on dere

mine is the same, thought it was just mine as its through an old chipped ntl box which they never disconected but we stopped paying 4yrs ago!

ps are you in the south? maybe its the signal here


Try plugging it back in,


was just round at my mates and it was flicking! east midlands leicester area.

Was flickering here in Leeds too!

On a diffrent subject have you had your scan yet Pink-ka?

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