ITV3 Missing Hours on EPG

Found 11th Apr
Hi this week got a message to say Retune TV set box or TV to continue to be able to view ITV3. Since doing this although most of the programmes appear on the EPG, it stops about 1010 and starts again at about 1320. Does anybody have any idea how to resolve this. I have returned it and have also done a factory reset. Normally wouldn't bother too much but my parents like to watch The Royal and it is on at 1235 hours. Thanks
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Hi @Obidashi is it the set top box or the tv that won't display the guide? If your using a set to box which make is it?
I have a Toshiba TV and a Panasonic HDD Recorder.

I always access the TV via the Panasonic HDD recorder, as it makes it easier for recording series and also it means just using the one remote control.

It all worked fine until yesterday I had to do a retune. I retuned both the TV and then the HDD Recorder. Now when I access the guide on the HDD recorder, every other channel seems fine, apart from ITV3 which has the missing few hours mentioned above.

It has all the programs showing until about 10.10 a.m. and then there are blanks until about 13.20
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I'd try a re tune again. Does the box have an Internet connection, reason I ask as epg data can also be pulled over the Internet
Hi I have tried another retune, but still the same. It does have an internet connection, so I can look into that, thank you
Have you checked the settings on the box to see if it's getting it's signal from the correct/local transmitter?
Yes it seems to be on the right settings. It's bizarre, it was fine until yesterday.
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