Posted 26th Nov 2022
I have a LG C1 and the ITV Hub no longer works but there is no new app yet.

I then tried to AirPlay from my phone to my TV like I can for iPlayer and every other service. That didn’t work either (not in app or via the browser). I then tried to mirror my screen from my laptop, also didn’t work. Next I tried to plug my laptop in with a HDMI Cable and I find out they also intentionally blocked External displays. There’s no app for PS5 either, so my only option if I wanted to watch the football on my TV was to use a pirated stream… WTF ITV how is this acceptable?

Made me miss most of the England match yesterday. Even the mobile app is terrible and doesn’t support PiP/background play. The timing to switch the service during a World Cup is just perfect lads.

Anyone else having issues with this new service?
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    You can watch ITVx on the LG browser, at least that's how I do it on my C2.
    Thanks this suggestion; for me the FULL Screen button NOT working in LG browser. Only able to view in smaller screen; I tried with clearing cache but it didn't help.

    Did anyone faced similar challenge with…tv4
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    I also have no ITVX app available for my LG TV. To watch the world cup in full screen, load ITVX via the LG web browser and watch live... wait one hour and finally then (and only then) the picture goes full screen.

    You can also watch world cup full screen the same way with full screen via STV without waiting as the full screen button works here.

    Come on ITVX or LG get this sorted!!
    Thanks I’ll try the STV method next time, didn’t think of that.

    Edit: Works great, I can finally watch on my TV,
    Thanks again(y) (edited)
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    ITV fine in my C9 , also can you not just watch it on channel 103 ?
    Some people like myself do not have an aerial for freeview or/and Sky or Satellite services. So I’m limited to streaming services only unfortunately, which I’m guessing is the same for the OP (edited)
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    If it's any consolation, any ITV product is useless and not fit for purpose whether online, app or smart TV.
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    To be fair itvx is getting slatted on Twitter by thousands
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    Itv have messed up every major tournament for years...........
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    Worked absolutely fine on my Roku stick. It always makes me laugh when people say things on here like "What's the point in getting a Roku stick when my TV has built in aps?". Well, this is a good case in point, you really can't rely on a TV's built in apps getting updates like Roku and other streaming devices such as Firestick do.

    Roku Express HD £13.99 at Amazon.…8-1

    Also available at Currys for the same price currently. (edited)
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    Yes, have had similar problems since they switched from ITV Hub to ITVX - watching programmes live fails to work.
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    The bigger question here is, why are you relying on your TV to deliver these apps? TVs are notorious for being unreliable when it comes to app support and unless you have a TV with say Google TV or Roku built-in you can guarantee something like this might happen.

    Lesson learnt and I'd just invest in a Fire device, Chromecast with Google TV, Apple TV or Roku device.
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    I thought I'd watch the Ecuador Senegal game on ITV smart TV app. Cos I don't have ITV2 in HD on my TV.

    What a joke. I have ITV hub. But that is absolutely appealing. 1st time I've used it. No mention of the world cup on it whatsoever. No games showing.

    And I can't download ITV X on it.

    Maybe they should just stick to catering for their reality TV fans? Garbage. (edited)
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    im on lg cx itv app works on mine
    I’d argue that it works fine, constantly crashes with just the sound playing, error messages and other picture issues
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    Zero issues over here.... watching on Samsung TV and an android phone. Tonight it was using pip background while on my Samsung tablet......sounds like your ecosystem isn't working for you. Honestly it's been better than the BBC app, quality of the stream wasn't better but the experience was. (edited)
    Definitely nothing to do with the broadband, I watch 4k streams constantly via Netflix and Disney+ there has always been issues with the ITV app
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    Get yourself a firestick. Can't say about the England game but I've watched a few of the matches on the itv hub through the firestick as my bedroom TV isn't a smart TV and freeview picture isn't great.
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    Did you miss the Messi goal?
    Yes, wish that game was on iPlayer (edited)
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    It's funny/ironic but watching live ITV on native TV apps isn't the best way to go. On some brands the live TV option simply isn't there, as mentioned firestick/Roku or a console will be a better experience.

    ITV hub works fine for catch-up on my LG CS though. (edited)
    Well I use a 4K Apple TV and it is still crap
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    ITV hub was pulled by ITV from certain devices for encryption reasons. I had an email from them a few months back to say it was being withdrawn from my Humax Freesat box.
    I just watch it on my Firesstick now when needed.

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    There was a glitch for Sky Go that works on a laptop, might work for ITV.

    You basically full screen your laptop, then plug in the HDMI and it seems to sometimes get around the external display error. (edited)
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    The app is on XBOX but it will not play certain shows , I can't watch The NFL show, La Liga or FA Cup football on demand, I get a pop up saying there is a problem at their end, it was like this on ITV HUB as well for the last few weeks, they used to play fine. all these shows play fine on my Iphone so its not my end48862805-Wj4ZX.jpg
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    mad you spend £1000s on these lg oled's cant even watch a game of footy
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