Posted 8 January 2023

Itzoo closing?

They usually sell refurbished thinkpads and the like. I wanted to buy another but there isn't a single thing in stock on their site. Seen similar behaviour on another refurb site just as it was going out of business. Wonder if the same has happened here?
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  1. tardytortoise's avatar
    Bought recently a Thinkpad T470s from…les
    The guy likes to haggle and I got mine down from £190 to £160 (and it had 12GB RAM - not the 8GB advertised.
  2. KodaBear's avatar
    It says on the top of the website they are closed for Christmas. I imagine stock will begin to show up again in the coming days.

    There is currently a promo code for 15% off on eBay. You might be able to get a good deal on a ThinkPad using this code instead?
    jjames87's avatar
    Thanks mate. I swear I'm going blind. Will have a look on ebay.
  3. Quicklite's avatar
    They were meant to get it back for 6th (Friday).
    Assuming either a staff had an extra day off or they've had issue restoring quantities back to the site. (edited)
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    Still no products for sale on the site although I did notice that there was one micro-sized desktop PC that's been for sale on there all over Christmas and New Year which has just disappeared in the past 24 hours, so presumably something's happening at the other end. Hopefully they'll be back soon as I was looking forward to buying yet another PC that I really don't need, and I've got a 10% discount to use.
  4. dcx_badass's avatar
    I think somethings up too, they've had no stock since a few days before Christmas. The banner on the site didn't appear until just before New year saying stock would be added back on the 5th/6th (which is a terrible way to run a business anyway) and it's now the 10th and the sites empty.
  5. Matthew_HjO2's avatar
    Life returns at ITZOO..
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    At a price
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