I've Been Scammed

    This may be the wrong section, I know, But I'm posting here to get the attention of Mods and other traders who may deal with him.
    Avoid Irteza or "OV3RCLOCK3R" Like the black death.

    At the beginning of may I was selling a mobile phone, Contract upgrade from O2, a Nokia N95 1Gb. He couldnt offer me what I wanted but instead done a deal, A PS3, with 2 controllers and 3 games. The deal was I gave him the phone and £80 (after he sold the games) for a PS3 with 2 controllers. I was a little skeptical at first but after reading good feedback from him on the forum I was selling on, ( I trusted him and went ahead with it.
    On the 7th of may I sent him the phone and deposited £80 into his bank account, then in the evening he sent me an image of the PS3 with his name on it, i'll post these shortly.
    Then a week later, Im unable to contact him, then I recieve a text from his brother claiming He's had a car accident. Then recently he says he's moved out of home and all this crap, He was supposed to refund me my money but never done it. I finally get in contact again, sunday nearly 2 weeks ago, and he told me he was going to refund my money by bank transfer, I gave him my details and i'm still waiting, I have 4 mobile numbers from him and they are off. He dissapeared off MSN Messenger also and I have no form of contact and am £240 out of pocket.
    OV3RCLOCK3R wanted a picture of the phone with his name on it, but then claimed his mum called Keeley wanted a picture of it with her name on it, OK, I did that.
    Now, just looking on here on OV3RCLOCK3Rs threads, He was selling a Nokia N95 at the same time We done the deal and done a trade with Keeley for a PS3 with 2 controllers and 3 games. Weird hmm.
    I'm not the only person who he has scammed, Here is a link of another person who he scammed at the same time as me, I also signed up to this forum and shared how he's scammed me.…tml

    Here is the link of the deal He done on here with My phone and trading with the PS3...…822

    Now heres the images of the phone I took, and one of the PS3 he sent me.…jpg…jpg…jpg…jpg

    Here I am £240 quid out of pocket and nothing to do about it.
    He completely scammed me and tigerboyce on the other forum he sells on.

    I hope mods you could ban him until these deals are sorted as has Hexus and neowin.

    Thanks, Jason

    (PS, If you want his address or anything, Feel free to PM me)


    unfortunately hotukdeals don't take any responsibility in the transaction of goods on the fs/ft forum... but maybe they can give the user a ban

    I've Been Scammed

    You've now been spammed.

    Original Poster

    Also, He sold the phone as his own, claiming it was his even when he did not own it.
    He also claims that the phone was smashed to pieces in the car accident, when in fact, he traded it with Keeley.
    Stil unable to contact him.

    Moved to the misc forum.

    I'm so sorry to hear it, I think the only thing you can do is go to the police. I hope this gets sorted.

    Oh also, I'd get in touch with his and your bank and see if there's anything you can do there. Explain the situation and see what can be done.

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