I've been signed up to stuff I didn't sign up for

    This week my hotmail e-mail has been signed up to the following websites:

    What is worrying is that they all know my full name. How on earth would this have happened? I use Kaspersky Internet Security, Spybot + Ad-Aware by the way. Using + it is not hard to find a telephone number for the said companies / people behind the websites but is it worth doing?


    Must be someone you know...

    i wouldn,t be too surprised, i have been off work for a month so i started doing comps and freebies just to pass the time, i used to get about 10 emails a month and about a letter or two a day. i now get about 30-40 e mails and my postman now probably hates me as i am now responsible for the extra ton of junk mail he has to carry! they say that your name and address is sold or passed around as much as 300 times a day.
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