I've bought a 80gb portable hard drive,

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Found 10th Jun 2008
I've bought one of those buffalo hard disks from amazon yesterday and its due to come tomorrow.

I have a laptop which is full of photos and my ipods mp3's and other stuff. I want to put all the stuff on the hard disk and then erase the hard drive and start again afresh.

How hard will this be for an amateur/novice to erase the hard disk.

When i bought the laptop from dell about 18 months ago i never got the cd for xp will i be able to get another?

Any help appreciated.


Are you sure dell did not supply a recovery disc? cos that will have XP and will restore the system for you without that it will be a little bit more tricky because you will need a form of windows and drivers etc etc. In terms of pulling files of you can literally just copy them over super simple. From my pictures and my music.

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Do you think it'll make much difference. I've got an inspiron 1300. Its got 768mb of ram. I think i'll upgrade that by sticking a 1gb stick in. With the 512 stick it'll be 1.5GB. No recovery disk either.

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Does anyone know what ram i need. I went on the crucial website and it says pc2-5300 ddr2 and pc2-4200 ddr2.

Whats the difference?

the pc2-5300 will run slightly faster, as for a recovery disc...in control panel do you have the optoin to create your own disc?

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Where in control panel might it be?

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I'd like it to be completely back to the way it came when first got it. I understand the moving and subsequent deleting of the files but i have downloaded so mcuh rubbish i'd like it back to the way it was. Then i could cherry pick the things i use.

Wiping is easy - if you get a standard windows install disk then you can delete the partition and recreate it or possibly just format. If you have a recovery CD then you might not get the option but creating a bootable CD that can format a drive wouldn't be difficult (DBAN and GParted should both be able to do it)
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