I've caught something nasty from Newcastle

...and it's my bloody weekend off anyway, typical!

probably one of those strippers got herpes on her hands or something, they kept grabbing me trying to give me a private dance for free.


oh dear where is the nearest clinic for that then lol

Just waiting for the Northern jokes to start.................:)


Was you doon the Bigg Market?

Could be rabbies, Lots of dogs up north.

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Was you doon the Bigg Market?

no the gate :thinking:


Please be careful

Don´t pass it on to your class mates.

I do hope this is the only way you intend to share this

Good Morning!!!!!! :w00t:

Wish I could get a stripper to offer me a dance for free..... :?

Mod & Ed

OMG you've got the Bertie Bassetts!

Cut it off to save your life:-D

Arent you engaged?

Original Poster Banned


Arent you engaged?

It was my stag weekend! Last night and all that reckon it may even be swine flu.
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