I've cleared me inbox !

    everyone else is getting asked, so just in case I get asked I've cleared [1] me inbox ready for the flurry of what ever gets sent to inboxes.

    [1] when i say cleared, i've got rid of the cobwebs.

    6 Comments are not on the secret. You'll find out in the new year. :whistling:

    what list? i've been a good boy this year

    Awwww, i would have thought a cute thing like you would get lot's! :-D

    My inbox is never full!


    My inbox is never full!

    Cos you respect yourself:roll:

    Original Poster


    Cleared [SIZE="5"]MY[/SIZE] inbox.How do peopl even get jobs when they … Cleared [SIZE="5"]MY[/SIZE] inbox.How do peopl even get jobs when they don't know what word to use.

    It was deliberate, but hey dont have a sleepless night over it thats a good lad !
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