I've decided to leave Virgin Media

I phoned up Virgin media to give my 30 days notice after a very troublesome 8 months or so with constant problems with broadband (in north London), where I was suffering days of broadband loss virtually every other week.

I'm on XL TV, XL Broadband (20MB) and XL phone (unlimited landline calls) and am paying £50 for all.

Any suggestions before I go deal hunting for a new provider for each service?


broadband try 02 highly recommended paying £60 quidco at minute, plus 3 months free if you take either of the two higher packages

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I'm in the same position as you mate.. Will go for a BT line and O2 broadband..

i bet they call you with a good offer to stay

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i bet they call you with a good offer to stay

Not sure I will to be honest unless they offer me a crazy deal. Just absolutely fed up with them.

Can I phone up BT now about the phone line or do I have to wait?

i had virgin broadband through a bt line.
it was rubbish.
i counldn't get on after about 7pm and once had 5 days without any at all.
after spending hours on the phone to virgin they said it was bt servers fault.
now i've moved to bt total broadband theres no outage at all.
funny that seeing virgin told me it was the same servers.
they don't want you to leave though.they offer you cheaper tariffs but not worth the outages and the time and money on the phone to them

I wa swith talk talk from december thru til may and from the day of switchover my phone line was crackly and broadband NEVER worked they said nothing was wrong and even sent engineer out to try and fix it but no joy - we were always with bt before and never had any problems only went with talk talk due to price being a lot cheaper - but then there is No servive at all so no wonder its cheaper - back with bt now and no crackly phone line and broadband working all the time - i personally would pay the extra and go to bt they will do you a good deal and you then dont have to go thru a third party who rent the phone line off bt anyway but service is either non-existent and rubbish customer service where no one ever listens to you!!!
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