Ive got a HMV moan

Found 27th Nov 2006
Really annoyed with hmv at the moment, purchased some DVDs last saturday (9 days ago), used a spend over £30 and get £5 off voucher.

So anyway, the 1st three dvds were dispatched within the 24 hours (all but 1 were 3-5 days anyway!so was extra pleased!)

Then, there was a dvd, and a dvd boxset left over, said 3-5 days dispatch so was fine with that, 9 days later, still no movement "still on order from suppliers"
So, what do i do know, as my discount still hasnt been applied to the already posted items - paid full price for them, so im really pee'd off about this.

Shall i email them, on looking again, i see they no longer sell the box set i bought anymore :geek: So, i dont think ill get that or my £5 discount :shock:
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I don't think you'll get the discount or the other item.

I ordered Lee Evans last November and by January I still hadn't got it, so I told them to shove it.
Well, ive just fired off an email to them, lets see what they say to that :thumbsup:
Pssst, Joshanna! Want to plot an elaborate kidnapping of Nipper the HMV dog? I'm sure the other members can provide hot deals on any equipment we might need
HMV left me waiting weeks for a microsoft points card. I finally got it today but ordered it at the start of the month - all while the site has said '3-5 days' for other unsuspecting mugs.

I'm mildly peeved that I ordered at £17.99 but the price has actually gone down to £16.99 while i've been waiting for stock, but I was still charged £17.99 when they finally sent it.
Grrrr, whats annoyed me the most that i actually forgot to include in my email to them is that i could have used the 10% voucher i have instead of the £5 discount, it did work out to more, but i havent got any discount now :shock: i may email them again saying this :geek:
i bought 3 series of friends and used a voucher on them. they were at £7.99? i think when i did this, sent 2 series but the 3rd one was "out of stock" or something. i emailed them, and they said they didnt have any at that price anymore or something like that. but they put the price back up to £40odd quid. i think they sell limited amounts at a certain price before sayin theyre "out of stock" on stuff, but the voucher i used still worked tho! good luck!
Well, ive just cancelled the remainder of my order now, im really mad with hmv, the thing i thought they no longer sold, they infact do, and its now £2 cheaper!

I feel well ripped off!Doubt ill get my quidco now too seen as ive cancelled the orders!ARGH!
Tell me why?
I don't like Mondays.
Tell me why?
I don't like Mondays
Mondays are ok
Although, i am thinking of joining grumpy old women :giggle: :oops:
I had a similar problem a month ago with a 3 for £15 order. Two parts were shipped straight away, but the third said "on order from supplier". They took it out of the offer list, but it was still showing as "dispatched within 24 hours" for a week or so. I finally called them about it, and the person I spoke to said it was on order and they should have it soon. It turned up today (ordered 30/10), and I had a quick look to see that it's back in their offer list.

The £5 discount with HMV doesn't apply evenly across the order, it goes on one item, so it's likely that the discount was on your last item. You should be able to see it in your order confirmation email. I used mine last week, and it counted against the first item in the basket.
After searching for the prices for 2 DVD boxed sets and 2 games I decided that the best deal was the HMV discount + Quidco. I went back to check again at HMV and the so and sos had put up both DVD sets' prices by a £1.:x

After a search through the forum I also discovered that HMV are not good at delivering preorder games and since both of the games that I want aren't released until December, I decided not to bother.
Got a reply from stupid hmv, saying
"Your order wasnt over £30 so didnt qualify for the £5 discount as it was only £27.95"

well you thickos it was £32.95, £27.95 after the £5 was taken off!
Shows how much they actually bothered to look at the order!

I havent even bothered to reply to them, as there obviously stupid, and ill just buy from somewhere in future

Better get my quidco though as im not sure if i will as i cancelled the rest of the order :geek:
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