I've got the V3 unlock system but don't understand it!

Found 9th Jul 2006
Ok I am one of those daft gits that pay for unlock codes off of Ebay, I got the V3 system but can't understand it one bit, that's a lie actually coz I did understand the first line. If anyone wants it Free(e.mail format) I can send it to you. if anyone is brave enough to look at it and simplify it for me that would be cool, just PM me your e.mail addy and I will forward the message with link that i received (about 2 months ago), I gave up after a week and my twin gave up just after me.
xx fizzie xx
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Tried to PM you but your box is full, you need to delete some. Try me with my user name @gmail.com
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Sorry, only had a few mailings but they were duplicated several times, deleted now x message sent x
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