I've just bagged myself a bargain!

Found 14th Sep 2008
I went into HMV (the Fort) this morning and after looking around I noticed a Guitar Heroes III Rock Legend (Wii) for £44.99 on a display box. All the other boxes stated £69.99.

I took it up to the counter and handed it over - I checked that it did included the guitar (yes). The manager was called over and he stated it was an old sale item (someone had put the display box on the shelf), but as it stated a price they had to honour it! So, I'm dead chuffed - got it for £44.99!

I've had a quick go, but I'm terrible - good laugh though! Hubby's much better.

Just wanted to tell everyone, because I'm pleased with myself!
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Not too bad a price, I got it for £40 the other week at amazon, it's usually the dearest one out of the ps3/xbox 360/wii though - I think it's back upto £59.99 everywhere
Hiya Deek ... Really pleased for you .........well done you !! bet you are well chuffed! What an incredible bargain .. enjoy :thumbsup:
When my daughter visits us she always brings this with her & we have a really good laugh .. I'm getting quite good at it now too (after loads of practice.. )
we bought one for £44.99 a couple of weeks ago there was loads of them
Well Done you :thumbsup:
Well done on a good deal :thumbsup:
Ad says bring it round- he wants a go!!!:roll:
I noticed that Gamestation were selling brnad new ones for £44.99 whereas virtually next door, Game were still selling them at £64.99!!

Well done for bagging a bargain!
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